Sep 4, 2008

Poland Makes Ironing a Competitive Sport

This week the Polish town of Poznań has proven that even life's most mundane chores can become a highly competitive sporting event. All you need is corporate sponsorship. Case in point: the Strima International Ironing Championships

“Contestants are judged on quality, time and style...In the first round, contestants had twelve minutes to press a shirt and a pair of trousers. In the finals they had to do one additional jacket too.”

Who knew ironing had so many devotees?

"It's an art where you can even express yourself, your ideas, your feelings, and do that really very well,” said organizer Agnieszka Wieczorowska.  

But don’t think the contest is sexist. For the second year, a man took first prize and the title "International Ironing Master of Poland." The highest ranking woman placed third.

Understanding that women are just as deserving of the championship as men, Eternal Remont will gratiously offer any woman the opportunity to regularly "train" on a wide varriety of shirts and slacks -- free of charge.

Let em' have it ladies.

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