Sep 19, 2008

Georgia: Life's a [War Time] Beach Party

"We have so much stress after this bombing that I'm thinking that I have to make psychological healing," said Kitty Arsenidze, from her green lawn chair by the Black Sea. "I feel better than in Gori."

By the way, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs has approved Saakashvili’s $1 billion check with zero strings attached. He can use that money to throw a $1 billion birthday party for himself (legally), or put it to more important uses, like importing sand from Bermuda to cover up all of those rocks.

Since Congress does not care how he spends the money, we think the Georgians at least deserve a sandy beach -- courtesy of the taxpayers.


Ern said...

Can we at least be invited to the birthday party? I hear Georgian wine is good in Georgia. Apparently in gratitude for all the money the US sends them, Georgia sends the trash wine to America and keeps the good wine at home.

Little bitter about the Georgian wine in America tasting like vinegar.

PetrusDran said...

For $1 billion, you could buy up most of the wine in Georgia, I assume. Let's ask Congress!