Sep 5, 2008

US State Department's Newest Weapon in Global Psychological Warfare:

Fran Drescher (no, really)

Thank you, Igor, for the story.

Asst. Secretary of State for Educational & Cultural Affairs Goli Ameri will announce Fran Drescher as the newest Public Diplomacy Envoy on September 8, 2008, at 10:00 a.m. in the Treaty Room of the US Department of State.

Ms. Drescher will join Cal Ripken, Jr. and Michelle Kwan as Public Diplomacy Envoys. “The Nanny” star will support US public diplomacy efforts, including working with health organizations and women’s groups to raise awareness of women’s health issues, cancer awareness and detection, and patient empowerment and advocacy. Ms. Drescher’s first trip in her new role will be in late September and include stops in Romania, Hungary, Kosovo and Poland.

So an all-star baseball legend, an olympic medalist, and an actress best known for her annoying laugh and high pitched, whiny "Queens" accent. Is this like one of these IQ test questions where they show you three objects or words and you have to pick the one that DOES NOT BELONG???


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

I feel like such a fool for going to graduate school.

What I really needed was a talent agent and a TV show.

/slaps head

Mrta said...

I had a friend in France who was deeply in love with and looked up to the Nanny. No joke.

Igor said...

I guess then this is geared for that guy in France, in the name of transatlantic unity, of course.

Ern said...

French people liked Jerry Lee Lewis and God knows what else.