Sep 2, 2008

Magomed Yevloyev Dead "In Police Custody"

On days like these, it is hard to remain witty, or even a bit cheeky. Not on a day when another high-profile Russian journalist, one of the last who were not afraid of the truth, was murdered for it.

From the WSJ:

For months, the owner of a muckraking news Web site had stayed away from his home after receiving warnings to tone down his critique of Kremlin-backed authorities in the Russian province of Ingushetia, friends said.

But Magomed Yevloyev finally boarded a plane to return to Ingushetia this week, and there he encountered a surprise: The local governor was riding on the same plane, a few seats away from him in business class.

When the plane landed in Ingushetia, the governor was met by a Mercedes that whisked him away. And Mr. Yevloyev was arrested at the airport, deposited into a jeep and shot in the head. Local authorities say the killing was an accident.

Every death is an accident in Ingushetia, especially those which occur in police custody.

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