Sep 16, 2008

Pamela Anderson Takes Moscow

Okay, I thought this article might have actually been too weird for Remont especially since it doesn't really make sense. I think maybe Russia Today got distracted by...something or somethings...and didn't really focus on the text. But here it is, in its entirety. Pam breaking hearts, riding bikes, and saving seals....

RT: Tommy Lee, Kid Rock - you'll never guess who's next. How about an old, short Russian oligarch bearing a Faberge egg as a wedding present? But it didn't last. The Hollywood star's wild nature prevailed and the bride ran away, ending her Moscow love affair.

Or, to be precise, she rode away after exchanging knowing glances with a Russian biker, who turned up in the right place, at the right time. It seems Pam's keeping up with her my-boyfriend-is-a-rocker phase. Then, in a surprise move, she left the biker too, to freeze alone under Moscow's dark skies, and rode off, shaking her locks...

But those who know the plot of the 'Engine roar' video clip that Pamela Anderson took part in with the Russian rock group Pilgrim, will not have been surprised. Pilgrim leader Andrey Kovalyov - a rocker and a Moscow City Duma Deputy - says he didn't mind sharing his bike with Pam one little bit.

"Only Pamela Anderson is good for a woman biker role. She is the world's most rock-n-roll girl! People will be gobsmacked, she's pretty and curvaceous - an absolute sex-symbol."

Kovalyov wrote the plot himself - he says it was his teenage dream to kiss Pamela Anderson.

As for the 'biker lady', she has been very enthusiastic about being in Moscow - despite the cold she caught during the filming. They say she's been trying to cure it with the traditional Russian remedy - vodka - and that she even wrote to President Medvedev, asking him to help save seal cubs from poachers.


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Ludmila Putin is the "world's most rock-n-roll girl" and don't you forget it Russia Today.

Ern said...

I love that it was Kovalyov's "teenage dream" to kiss Pamela Anderson. Now that's breaking news. Teenage boys attracted to Pamela Anderson. My world just got rocked, Russia Today.