Sep 11, 2008

"Who are you to f------ lecture me?"

That's what Russian Foreign Minister (and Eternal Remont favorite) Sergei Lavrov said to UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband during a recent phone conversation.

According to the Telegraph, “One Whitehall insider told me: ‘It was effing this and effing that. It was not what you would call diplomatic language. It was rather shocking.”

Lavrov really needs a f------ vacation.

(Kudos to Igor)


Ern said...

I've had those days, Sergei. I have had those days.

Anonymous said...

everybody knows that the "great" England hasn't own opinion , it's a long time like a dog from USA . Just look on the Conflict in Georgia - Russia just answered on the war , but you are stupid blind in you love to USA . After Serbia , Afganistan , Iraq , a lot of fun to dying for USA in Georgia !

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Don't spook the troll.