Jan 12, 2009


In a strange political contest, for which there must have been numerous contenders and tie breaker contests, Russia's biggest "yes-men" of 2008 have been called out by Kommersant Vlast Journal in its December issue (see english summary here courtesy of Pravda.ru).

My personal favorite of the top ten is from Oleg Morozov, spokesman from United Russia, about what oppositionists could possibly criticize about Putin or Medvedev "They are both made of gold, it is true, but this gold is not enough.” Although Svetlana Semenova's comment that “President Putin has always commanded respect and admiration with me. The people have become kinder – this is an attribute of Putin’s policies,” was particularly funny (in a dark way) coming from a reported legal expert.

Remember, just say yes

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Ern said...

That had to have been the most competitive contest in the history of Russia.