Jan 12, 2009

The Secret Entrance

This is the point where we go off the map onto uncharted territory. The Serbs are burning Russian flags in Belgrade, elephants in the Sofia Zoo are huddled up to a space heater, and Bulgaria's government has asked the EU for $535.7 million to build new pipelines to Greece and Romania.

Unfortunetly, the EU and Swiss governments have already determined that Bulgaria is too corrupt to spend other people's money. Thus, we are witnessing the birth of a new conflict between 1) the EU’s drive to limit dependence on Russian energy and 2) a desire to keep official funds from being, shall we say, “repurposed” by Bulgarian officials.

It is hard to determine how all of this will play out. But the smart money says the Bulgarians may just have found the secret backdoor into new EU funding. The Serbs, meanwhile, will just have to heat thier homes with all the Russian flags left from Medvedev's last visit.


Ern said...

*Burning Russian flags is not endorsed by all members of Eternal Remont...probably.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Of course. And I was in no way suggesting that anyone burn flags.

...just noting the confluence of needs in Belgrade:

1) Heat one's home
2) Show disaproval of...

Hey, easy fix.

Ern said...

Also, if said Russian flags were made in China, I would worry about a chemical situation if you choose to burn them.

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