Jan 28, 2009

This is the conflict that doesn't end...

...yes it goes on and on, my friend...

NY Times reports: A Russian soldier said he entered Georgia because he was fed up with his military service, but Russian officials say he was abducted and was being forced to discredit the army.

Russia’s Defense Ministry contended that Junior Sgt. Aleksandr Glukhov was abducted by Georgian forces and was being forced to discredit the army as “information provocation.” However, Glukhov told reporters that he left the Russian army because he had been verbally abused by his commander, who he said drank excessively and “nagged at me all the time.”

So who wins this one? American capitalism. Yeah, I said it. They found Glukhov in civilian clothes eating a Big Mac at a McDonald's in Tbilisi. There's McDonald's in Tbilisi. I'm lovin' it.

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