Jan 14, 2009

The Greatest Art Hoax, Ever

When the Czech EU Presidency wanted to present an artistic retrospective of the block, the idea was to have each member state contribute their own symbolic representation.

Unfortunetly, no-one caught on to the fact that it was all an elaborate hoax by Czech artist David Cerny. Not even the Czech Deputy Prime Minister Alexandr Vondra, who unveiled the project with gushing praise.

Romania: Dracula's themepark?

Poland: Where Catholic monks work for gay rights?

Bulgaria: One giant squat toilet, or land of convenience?


Ern said...

Now that is awesome. Way to make an entrance, Czech Republic.

Daniel said...

Man - you guys are on a fine art kick today!

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Our mission is to edukate.

Mrta said...

Go Czechs! But, frankly, I don't get the monks holding up a rainbow flag. Shouldn't they be dragging it through the muck?

Also, where did you get the close up photos?