Jan 5, 2009

Bulgarians and Romanians Cannot Catch a Break

So since Gazprom and Ukraine can't settle their dispute, Bulgaria and Romania are experiencing a decrease in gas supplies. And because the EU is still coping with the financial crisis, Bulgarians and Romanians still can't work in Ireland. The Sofia Weekly reports that Ireland has extended the ban on Bulgarians and Romanians to work in the country for three more years. The decision of the Irish government is contrary to a recommendation by an European Commission report published in November that all labor restrictions on the citizens of the newest EU member states be lifted as soon as possible.

After Bulgaria and Romania's EU accession on January 1, 2007, Ireland decided to institute two-year period of work permit requirements on Bulgarians and Romanians. Under EU law, the country has the right to impose "transitional restrictions" for a period of up to seven years. According to the Irish Times, between January 1, 2007, and October 31, 2008, 241 Romanians and 58 Bulgarians have received permits to work in Ireland.

You may recall, in December Eternal Remont reported that the Benelux countries also decided to extend the working ban for Bulgarians and Romanians by three years. 2012 is going to be your year Bulgaria and Romania. I can feel it.


Anonymous said...

As a matter of fact, Romanians don't give a damn. They favourite countries are Italy and Spain: over one million in Italy and nearly one million in Spain.

Anonymous said...

Ah,the simple humiliation of it..
The labour market should be on free competition terms- if you can find a job, and you boss is happy to keep you- then have it and work it. The Irish starting to experience the recession and soon will be again abroad to look like us for jobs. This is the life. What’s wrong with this people - it is ok for then to go and buy cheep properties in Bulgaria and Romania, to have cheep holidays here , but to act like pinched maids when come to some basic rights for EU citizens. For me it is a discrimination.