Jan 16, 2009

Sur La Table

Polish police apprehended criminal mastermind Janusz D. The 50 year old man was sentenced to 60 days in jail for an unpaid fine today after several months of intensive searching. Acting on an anonymous tip, police showed up to a house and conducted a search. After noticing that the tablecloth in the dining room was "uneven," the suspect was found hiding underneath it. Not under the table...on top of it.

Several things wrong with this picture. Hilariously, also sitting on top of this table was a bottle of vodka (I'm imagining it was empty). If the police had failed to notice the "unevenness" of the table cloth, they probably could simply have noted that the presence of only two other men in the house was insufficient for the typical drinking threesome required when having vodka.

1 comment:

Ern said...

This guy and I would have gotten along just fine playing hide and seek. I was a fan of putting sheets or blankets over myself as a hiding spot. Of course I learned that was stupid after age 3. Maybe if I were drinking vodka though, I would rethink the idea.