Jan 14, 2009

Critic of Chechen President Dies in Austria

...and not from the cold.

New York Times: Umar S. Israilov - a Chechen who had formally accused the president of Chechnya (Ramzan Kadyrov, pictured above in native garb) of participating in kidnappings and torture sessions - was fatally shot Tuesday as he walked out of a grocery store in Vienna, according to his lawyer and family friends.

The shooting appeared to be another politically motivated killing of a Russian citizen who had criticized government conduct. He was ambushed at lunchtime on Tuesday near his apartment as he left a grocery store where he had stopped to buy yogurt. At least four men in two cars were waiting for him. Mr. Israilov tried to run away but was quickly overtaken and shot.

After Mr. Israilov fled Russia, his father was abducted, tortured by Mr. Kadyrov and held illegally for more than 10 months, in an effort to force the son to return home, according to both victims and a human rights worker who investigated the case. His father has since been granted assylum in another European country.

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