Jan 5, 2009

Dmitri Trenin Gets a Cookiee

Dmitri Trenin at Carnegie Moscow tends to run hot and cold. While this works as well in the shower as it does in political analysis, he offers the best take on the Ukraine Gas Crisis IV:
“What is really troubling for someone sitting in Moscow is that in all these years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has not been able to develop a serious, long-term policy towards Ukraine."
Which reminds us a few other kitchen fires which could use a little love, and a long-term policy in 2009.

The conscript army (still hazing, still dodging the draft)
The demographic collapse (are Russians the new Polar Bear?)
The fantastic attraction of extremist groups (some violent)

...and the total lack of U.N. recognition for the Suzdal Cucumber Festival.

Or was it Abkhazia?

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