Jan 9, 2009

Let the Word Play Begin

"It's a Real Cold War: Angry Bear Freezes Europe," writes Peter Brookes in today's New York Post (the last redoubt of journalism in America).
"But cutting off gas in the dead of winter - especially with teeth-chattering, sub-zero temps in parts of Europe recently - is pretty harsh. (Happy New Year to you, too, comrade.)"

God bless you New York Post, now if only your Washington cousin would institute a Page 6 girl.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin is clearly worried it might be loosing the spin war, since all the headlines in Europe point the blame at Russia. Their solution? Bring out a "European" who can explain things. Lucky they just so happen to have a leading European on the payroll....Gerhard Schröder.

Putin met with Schröder and a room full of cameras to discuss the "political collapse" in Ukraine. Not only are the Ukranians "barbarians," but according to Putin, "From the very beginning our Ukrainian partners were going to blackmail us."

So it's Ukraine who's using energy as a weapon...against Russia.

It all makes sense now.

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