Jan 5, 2009

Oligarchs are People Too

Years ago German Sterligov gave it all up; the limos, the glammer, and the hiring of hitmen and decided to retire to the quiet life. In a recent interview he revealed that being an oligarch is a miserable life, and that he is happy living "as a peasant." In the article, linked above, Sterligov describes his decision to retire to his two self-sufficient family farms where he and all of his children dress in old fashioned Russian garb and a simple/pure life.

My first thought was, wow someone read Anna Karenina
a few too many times, Konstantin Dmitrich Levin. Upon reflection though, we have all seen what other choices are open to oligarchs who decided to challenge Putin in his early days. Plus Sterligov does look like he was a bit more on edge in his more glamorous days (see picture above).

The best part of this exposé
on Russia's oligarch turned "peasant," other than the fact that his house has electricity, and that there are two of them, is the final discussion of how when sitting on a tree stump Sterligov received inspiration for how to save Russia from financial crisis and therefore just dug up a few "million euros," which all peasants have stored away for a rainy day, and started to meet with some of his former friends again.

So, happy and content as a peasant with a few million under the old oak tree, Sterligov is preparing to re-enter Putin politics ....


Ern said...

I want that picture recreated again and again.

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Awesome photo.

Amy Marshall said...

I want that picture recreated again and again.