Nov 12, 2008

The Millennium is Coming!

That's right, Eternal Remont is fast approaching it's 1,000th post!

We have survived the Great Spam Blackout of 2007 , recalled pleasant memories of dictators past, offered award-winning* journalism on Romania's zombie crisis, and scooped more than a few respectable news outlets in the process. (Don't you dare call us respectable.)

In honor of our 1,000th post, we invite EM readers to submit their favorite story, or most memorable line, headline, or quip from our brief and sullied history.

Please send replies to:, or post on our message board.

The winner gets a congratulatory email from us, recognition on the website, and a special surprise (which may or may not involve a former Olympic gymnist turned Duma member.)

Hint: bonus credit will be awarded for creativity and sycophantism.


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