Nov 12, 2008

But is it blatant racism?

Continuing Eternal Remont's chronicle of racism in Eastern Europe...

From Washington Times blogger:

Artur Gorski, who is well-known in Poland for his often controversial comments that have upset members of his own conservative Law and Justice party, called Mr. Obama a "black crypto-communist" and a "naive individual whose election must delight al-Qaeda." In remarks during Thursday's parliamentary session, he also said that Mr. Obama's election was "a disaster" and "the end of the white man's civilization."

Now, ER readership, is that blatant enough?

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Dmitri Minaev said...

I'd say that the characteristic feature of racism is the speaker's intention. In this case, it was quite obvious, so, yes, it is. Not as blatant as it could be by the Eastern European standards, but still obnoxious. :(