Nov 20, 2008

Putin's Instructional Judo DVD

Apologies, in advance, since this story first broke in October. But it never gets old. Hell, just the thought of having Putin as your own personal Judo instructor, and autographed DVD box set, well its enough to make the day brighter.

Stalin never had a DVD. Take that Stalin!

Anyway, who else thinks the poor bastard who serves as Putin's ragdoll looks -- just a bit --like Medvedev? It would also explain why he doesn't seem to be putting up too much of a fight. And don't forget to finish your collection with these fine instructional DVDs:

"Cooking with Putin"

"The Complete Putin Yoga Journal"

"Putin's 100 Best Secrets of Real estate"

"Vladimir Putin’s: Awesome Abs in 30 Days"


Ern said...

"Take that Stalin!"?!

Are you trying to summon Zombie Stalin?!

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Putin vs. Zombie Stalin judo deathmatch?

I'd spring for the pay-per-view and order a pizza for that one.