Nov 10, 2008

Illegal Donations to Obama

The Sofia Weekly: A Bulgarian is among the 118 people, who made illegal donations for the campaign of the US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, an investigation, conducted by Newsmax website and a private investigative firm headed by a former CIA operations officer showed.

Under federal law, only U.S. citizens or permanent residents may donate to federal political campaigns. It is illegal for the campaigns to accept money knowingly from foreign donors.

The Bulgarian has signed himself as Stamen S. and wrote his address in Sofia. He donated USD 170.

Some of the "red flag" donors work for foreign governments and others have made public statements declaring that they are citizens of Cameroon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Canada, and other countries.

A Newsmax sampling of about 3,400 donors also found hundreds more who showed "yellow flags" such as not having used a Social Security number or a known US address.

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