Nov 14, 2008

Will Gas Shortage Solve Bulgaria's Demographic Crisis?

You may not know this, but most of Bulgaria is wearing two sets of long underwear at this very moment. Why do we ponder the undergarments of frozen Bulgarians? Well nearly the entire country is without heat, thanks to a suspicious “gas shortage” from Bulgargaz’s upstream supplier: Russia. The problem is made chronic by the fact that most Bulgarians still rely on central heating for homes and public buildings.

Hence the long underwear. Very sexy.

According to Bulgargaz’s CEO Petko Milevski, only kindergartens and hospitals will receive heat until the supply issue is resolved. Everyone else hooked up to Toplofikatsiya (the central heating utility) will have to bundle up and rediscover the magic of survival friction.

We're ready to make a prediction: Expect Bulgaria to see a mini-baby boom nine months from now. This energy business may yet be the solution to the country's demographic crisis.

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Mrta said...

A mini-baby boom is a pretty safe wager. But how big of a boom does Bulgaria need at this point?