Nov 17, 2008

Don't Get Sick in C/E Europe

This is part 1 in my new series: "S&*^ You Already Should Have Known"

The Sofia Weekly:Bulgaria still has one of the worst health care systems in Europe, according the 2008 Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) report prepared by the Health Consumer Power House. The report ranks Bulgaria 28th among the 31 countries where data has been collected.

The EHCI 2008 total ranking of healthcare systems shows an unprecedented landslide victory for The Netherlands, scoring 839 points out of 1000, 19 points ahead of runners-up Denmark at 820 points, with a 36-point gap to the 2007 winner Austria, which is now in 3rd place with 784 points, followed by Luxembourg and Sweden.

From the six sub-disciplines covering 34 indicators, Bulgaria has collected 486 points. The only three countries with worse results than Bulgaria are Croatia, Macedonia, and Latvia.

Gotta say on a personal level, I'm dismayed at Latvia being ranked so low. As someone who severely injured herself at LaRoca in Riga, I would have hoped that the health care was up to par.

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