Nov 22, 2008

EastEuro racism watch - update

Remember that story the ER broke last week about the Polish Foreign Minister's bad joke?  It's finally finding its way into English-language media, UK telegraph and other bloggers.  It now appears that Sikorski actually said it since his aides are now claiming he only said it as an example of jokes in bad taste.  Seriously?

My favorite is Daily Kos's take on it.
It is disappointing that the Polish FM has chosen the company of Al-Zawahiri. The Kozack community must mobilize to condemn in no uncertain terms, this repulsive behavior which is unbecoming of statesman. Please, write, phone, fax, or email the Polish embassy in the United States to express your disappointment and disgust at this repulsive behavior. This man is a disgrace to his country.

Ern, you want to tell them what a Kozak is? PD, would you like to define what constitutes a disgrace to one's country in Eastern Europe?


Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

'In Russia cannibal eats you.'

Wait, that doesn't sound right.

jaybird said...

Um, I think Kozaks are peeps who follow the Kos...