Nov 26, 2008

Melik Kaylan Dissects Natasha Syndrome

In light of Olga Kurylenko's appearance in the most recent Bond movie, yesterday, Melik Kaylan of Forbes Magazine offered up a "meditation on Russian women" and more specifically a description of "Natasha Syndrome" - the "nubile tide of female adventurers swept out of the former Soviet geosphere to seek their fortune in hard currency around the world by deploying their charms."

Kaylan gives a short history of Natasha Syndrome and offers this ballsy conclusion:

Indeed, it appears that a branch of the Communist Party of Moscow has publicly condemned Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko for sleeping with the enemy in the form of James Bond. But perhaps it's a publicity hoax. Still, as the petrodollars dry up, the wheel may spin another quarter. Who will they turn to for solace next? Georgians?

Thank you for the story, Igor, who offered this comment: "...the very last phrase will cost the author a lifetime Russian visa ban..."


L. Julius Maximus said...

Dear Eternal Remont, sorry for offtopic comment, but I couldn't find another way to express my joy when reading your blog, I have even linked to you in my blog. that is incredible, to find voices so vigorously, and so satirically commenting our post-Soviet realities, and in a different way than even oppositional post-Soviet media does. Your blog is as if a ray of light in the moronic darkness of post-Soviet media fuelled by resource nationalism, hurray-nationalism, and any other "nationalisms" that silence critics by a justification of serving some "abstract" "ideas". Chapeau! I bow before you!

L. Julius Maximus said...

Guard your Thermopylae, even though the Medes will break through after all!

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Dear L. Julius Maximus,

This kind of flattery will get you added to the Eternal Remont Christmas Card list.

Thanks from all of us...

Anonymous said...

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