Nov 5, 2008

Note to Our Swedish Readers...

On October 23, Nord Stream LLC formally submitted its (revised) application to lay pipe on Sweden's marine shelf. Immediately, the Swedes dispatched the application to 12 separate organizations for review.

Among those who will review this application, and could potentially delay or derail Russia's multi-billion gas pipeline are the Swedish National Maritime Museums and the Swedish National Heritage Board.

Note to individuals of Swedish heritage: feel free to start a letter-writing campaign, highlighting all the ways in which your heritage will be besmirched by Russia's energy gambit.


Anonymous said...

Items on Russia
1. Health care is good. Expand operations. Deep Brain Stimulation, strengthen bones and nervous system
2. Physicists scientists No. 1
3. The pressure is good. See a shit newspaper Aftonbladet
4. Work rules are bad. There are many qualified outside and inside the idiots
5. Media is good
6. The science is bad. 25% of the state budget
7. The army is good
8. Prostitution is appalling. Abolished
9. U-båtsflottan is good. But it would broadcast the en 7 vessels and 4 submarines
10. Kaliningrad to make a major naval base. Nuclear weapons state
11. Law
12. Making Osama bin Laden to the king in Chechnya
13. Making Obama to King Hussein of Iraq. Obama black skull regime.

Anonymous said...

U-båtsflottan is good.
Obama black skull regime.
See a shit newspaper Aftonblade.

Anonymous missed his calling as a 1930s Dada poet.

Ern said...

Thank you for taking care of that one, Leopolis. :)

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...

Haha, omg, it is Dada GOLD!

Even the name of the poet is Dada.

Anonymous, you sir, are a God:

5. Media is good
6. The science is bad. 25% of the state budget