Nov 18, 2008

Politkovskaya Murder Trial Will Be Public

So look forward to your murder trials being public, Russian journalists. This may set a precedent.

NY Times: A judge ruled on Monday that the trial of three men accused of involvement in the killing of the journalist Anna Politkovskaya should be open to the public, responding to her family’s concern that secret proceedings would harm the case.

Ms. Politkovskaya was a crusading opposition journalist who covered the war in Chechnya and often criticized the Kremlin. Her killing in October 2006 brought widespread condemnation. She was gunned down as she entered her apartment building. The authorities have acknowledged that her assailant is still at large, but they have charged three men with providing logistical support for the killing.

The judge’s decision came on a day when an attack on another journalist was drawing attention in Russia. The journalist, Mikhail Beketov, editor of a newspaper in a Moscow suburb, suffered severe injuries in a beating last week. He had written about corruption and sought to rally opposition to a local government plan to clear a forest for a road. The identities of his attackers were not known, the authorities said.

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