Aug 13, 2008

When did Moscow get so expensive?

In my new quest to find news that is not on the Georgia-Russia conflict, I went to, and found this troubling bit of information: Центробанк возвращает бивалютную корзину на прежний уровень. Курс доллара США в среду продолжил снижение, в среду он потерял еще 18 копеек, составив 24,15 рубля за $1. Евро также потерял в цене – 8 копеек.

Put simply (and in English) the ruble is doing pretty well, definitely better than it was. And I hear that the per diem rate for Moscow has gone up to US $400/day, which by the way will barely get you a hotel room at the Cosmos, where the sheets might give you TB. What's the point of hanging out in Russia if you can't live and have fun for cheap? Paying more than US $1 for a Baltika 9 is insanity, people. It just is.


Pirates&Diplomats said...

You imperialist.

Ern said...

never said i wasn't