Aug 20, 2008

Ukraine Loses Gusiness World Record

YahooNews: So not only was Tymoshenko outed as a Russian sympathizer today (basically), but Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk has lost his standing as tallest man in the world. Guinness World Records has returned the title of world's tallest man to China's Bao Xishun after Stadnyk refused to be measured under new guidelines.

Bao, who stands at 7 ft, 8.95 in, held the title for a year before losing it in 2006 to Stadnyk, who is 8 ft 5.5 in tall, Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief of Guinness World Records, told Reuters.

While Bao has been measured by Guinness, which required him to be measured 6 times in 1 day - both standing and lying down - Stadnyk has refused. His title was awarded based on a statement from his doctor.

Stadnyk, who lives with his mother in a tiny village in central Ukraine, told Reuters last year he doesn't "need glory. I just want a normal life under normal conditions." Stadnyk said he sees his height more as a burden than a blessing, saying "the world is built for medium-sized people." He and his mother were living off a pension of about $100 a month and whatever else they earn from growing tomatoes and cucumbers and raising chickens, cows, and pigs.


Pirates&Diplomats said...

I'm still in protest over my lack of a Russian or English translation.

How do we know she's a Russian sympathizer? Oh, it says so in Ukrainian.

Maybe an ancient Coptic translation would be helpful...

/raises protest banner


Jaybird said... you know how Russians in Tallinn feel!

Ern said...

Are you two even serious?! You can't figure out Ukrainian? You're acting like I'm a Windtalker or something.

Jaybird said...

That's it. We're sending you to Hawaii to fight the Imperial Army of Japan!

For the record, I probably couldn't read that in Russian, either. Baltic is not Slavic!