Aug 25, 2008

Washington Times: Nest of Creative Journalism

Igor, our in-house mad genius, sends along this heads-up on "the most worthless op-ed on the Russia/Georgia war" in today's Wash Times, titled:

"Are we all Georgians? Not so fast"

Igor writes, "I think Mr. Davis' question was answered by ER already, no?"

"We're All Georgians, Well Not Really."

While it is kind of creepy to imagine that Eternal Remont and the editors of the Wash Times share the same depth of editorial creativity, we're comforted in the knowledge that the only people who read both are suburban retirees in Northern Virginia, Eternal Remont's parents, the Moonies, and of course Igor – who is working for a higher cause anyway.

Thanks Igor!


Mrta said...

My favorite line:
"Mikhail Gorbachev, the Nobel Prize-winning former Soviet leader most responsible for the unraveling of the Soviet Union and a hero of most Americans "

Leopolis said...

Actually, all and all, not a bad op-ed compared to some of the crap out there:

Eric Margolis in the Winnipeg Sun: “The young, U.S.-educated Saakashvili became Georgia's president in 2003 after an uprising, believed organized by the CIA and financed by U.S. money, overthrew the able former leader, Eduard Shevardnadze. I interviewed Shevardnadze in Moscow when he was Mikhail Gorbachev's principal ally and architect of Soviet reform. Saakashvili quickly became the golden boy of U.S. right wing neocons, who saw him as a model of how to turn former Russian-dominated states into "democratic" U.S. allies. U.S. money, military trainers, advisers, and spooks poured into the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. Israeli arms dealers, businessmen and intelligence agents quickly followed ... The Caucasus is Russia's backyard. Imagine Washington's response if Russian troops were deployed to Quebec.”