Aug 18, 2008

Saakashvilli: 'Baltics will be next"

The Baltic Times: A day after the Presidents of Estonia, Lithuania and Poland joined Latvian prime minister Ivars Godmanis in a remarkable show of solidarity with Georgia, President Saakshvilli predicted that the Baltic states would be next on Russia's list of military targets.

Speaking at a press conference held on August 13th, Saakashvilli said: "It’s not about Georgia any more. You know, if Russia gets away with this, I can predict now that the Baltic countries will be next, Ukraine may be attacked.

"We’ve seen them – as ruthless, as lawless, as brutal, as arrogant as they can get. They go unchecked. The world community should speak with one voice. We need a big humanitarian relief operation, like the Berlin airlift, because the capital is blocked from all sides. It’s one and a half million people, it’s a modern European city, and it needs a lifeline. The main thing is that if the West fails, it will have tremendous consequences for the years to come."

Question: Does Saakashvili think making predictions of Eurasian Domination (what I intend to call my softball team) will encourage more support from the international community? And hey maybe it will and maybe it should. Maybe Saakashvili is right that Russia will start invading the other former soviet republics. But given the events that have transpired these last few weeks, I'm not so confident in his prediction making abilities.

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