Aug 18, 2008

Russia: Besieged Fortress [scary music here]

Today, everyone’s favorite peace maker, Le Président de la République Française Nicolas Sarkozy, offered a outline of his peace plan in the WashPost. Eternal Remont noted this little gem in the fine print:

“If this clause [Russian pullout from Georgia] of the cease-fire agreement is not abided by rapidly and completely, I will be prompted to convene an extraordinary meeting of the European Council to decide about the consequences that should follow.”

And by “consequences,” he means a really stern letter with lots of exclamation points.

Also, in cased you missed it, Lilia Shevtsova over at the Carnegie Moscow Center wins today’s award for Best Take on the Bigger Picture: "NATO encirclement would be a serious threat for a state that defines itself through highly personalized power and a constant search for internal and external enemies. Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev cannot control the country without maintaining this image of Russia as a 'besieged fortress.'"

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