Aug 7, 2008

The Kremlin Wants Your Resume

Today, the FT reports on the Kremlin’s efforts to address the crippling “shortage of talented civil servants, managers and politicians,” which has emerged in Russia. The answer: a really big database.

Even better, United Russia will serve as the Kremlin's HR department and manage the project. Not a party member? No worries. United Russia has stated that non-party members are more than welcome to submit their names for consideration.

"We are discussing which capabilities and leadership qualities the aspiring leaders must have, which ideology they should be guided by in life and, also, do they plan to live in Russia or not?” said project coordinator Yuri Kotler.

Eternal Remont already submitted it's application, but was, alas, elimitated due to a strong sympathy for democratic principles and a wild-eyed -- nay dangerous -- belief in the benefits of a liberal market economy.

Such is life, when you're out with the in-crowd.

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