Aug 28, 2008

Strange Days, the Sudetenland, and the French

These are strange days: Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

Ok, it's not that bad. But this morning, the editors at the Washington Post did invoke Hitler's grab of the Sudetenland to define Russian foreign policy. (See above).
"Mr. Medvedev was asked by more than one journalist whether Russia's aggression might be directed at other neighboring states, such as Ukraine, Moldova or the Baltic members of NATO. He answered by noting that millions of Russians live outside the country, and he asserted the right as 'commander in chief' to 'protect the lives and dignity of our citizens.'" He stated to the BBC: "In certain cases I have no choice but to take these kinds of actions.

"Those in the West who persist in blaming Georgia or the Bush administration for the present crisis ought to carefully consider those words -- and remember the history in Europe of regimes that have made similar claims. This is the rhetoric of an isolated, authoritarian government drunk with the euphoria of a perceived victory and nursing the delusion of a restored empire. It is convinced that the West is too weak and divided to respond with more than words. If nothing is done to restrain it, it will never release Georgia -- and it will not stop there."

And what about responding with more than words? Back in Paris, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner (pictured) briefed reporters on the EU's next steps: a really mean letter. "We are trying to elaborate a strong text that will show our determination not to accept [what is happening in Georgia]. Of course, there are also sanctions."

Sanctions on Russian natural gas imports? Probably not that. So really, no sanctions at all.

Back to that "strong text" Mr. Kouchner.


Ern said...

You know Hitler was a pretty evil guy. Like really evil. He had to do a lot to earn that title as one of the most awful human beings to ever step foot on the planet. Can we stop comparing everyone and everything to him? Can we find any other comparison in the world? Any other? Please.

Ern said...

Oh and on the topic of Hitler, check this out:

Jaybird said...

Sieg Meow!

Pirates(and)Diplomats said...


But how in the Lord's name did you find that website?

Cats+Hitler+"Sieg Miaow"???

Ern said...

Got sent to me at work.

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