Aug 27, 2008

"Whether you like it or not…”

...That was Medvedev’s take on this independence business.

According to the Kremlin, Russia’s recognition is fully legitimate “under the provisions of the UN Charter...and also the Helsinki Final Act.”

Oddly, these are the same documents which provided the foundation for Kosovo’s recognition in February. Yet, somehow, that event had “no legal basis,” according to Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin.

It’s funny how this stuff works.

Meanwhile, Saakashvili is telling anyone who will listen that Russia plans to annex the whole of Georgia. The poor bastard doesn’t seem to grasp his very small role in Moscow’s grand game.


JT said...

Check out the Helsinki Final Act, cited by Medvedev as justification for recognition.

Russia has violated almost every provision. See especially:

Article I (Sovereign Equality);

Article II (Refraining from the Threat or Use of Force);

Article III (Inviolability of Frontiers);

Article IV (Territorial Integrity);

Article V (Peaceful Settlement of Disputes); and

Article VI (Non-Intervention in
Internal Affairs).

Of course, the US has probably violated on or two sections itself over the years...

Pirates&Diplomats said...

/pfff, those are just details.

Pirates&Diplomats said...

...although my favorite is the "Peaceful Settlement of Disputes" clause.

Mrta said...

PD - Could you please fix the spelling of the first word in the title? It's killing me.

Pirates&Diplomats said...

Wow, our standards are really slipping...

(Like we ever had standards.)

Ern said...

Gotta keep people on their toes, P-Diplomat.