May 22, 2007

Update in the Litvinenko Case

Washington Post: British officials say there is "sufficient evidence" to charge a former KGB agent with murder and seek his extradition from Moscow in the sensational poisoning death of Alexander Litvinenko.

Litvinenko was poisoned by the radioactive isotope polonium-210 and died November 23. On the day he fell ill, Nov. 1, he met with former KGB agent Andrei Lugovoy at a London hotel. "I have today concluded that the evidence sent to us by the police is sufficient to charge Andrei Lugovoy with the murder of Mr. Litvinenko by deliberate poisoning," Director of Public Prosecutions Ken Macdonald said, immediately setting off a diplomatic confrontation between London and Moscow.

Article 61 of the Russian constitution bans the extradition of the country's citizens. But British authorities point out that Russia is a party to the European Convention on Extradition, which also has force under Russian law.

I'm sure the extradition will go smoothly...assuming the story doesn't hit the Russian news...and the Nashi stay out of probably won't go smoothly.

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