May 10, 2007

Nagorno-Karabakh Peace Talks...An End in Sight?

Not really. But we're watching.

"On May 4, Aliyev appeared to engage in a bit of negotiating gamesmanship when he....alleged that Armenia had already agreed to withdraw from all seven of the occupied territories surrounding Karabakh. In addition, according to Aliyev, internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Azerbaijan would be permitted to return to their homes in the conflict region as soon as Armenian troops withdrew from the occupied territories." (Eurasianet)

Big news, until Armenia denied everything, triggering an "optimistic" assesment of the process from the OSCE. After so many optimistic OSCE statements, it's hard to know if the OSCE even means what it says anymore. Then again, what else is the OSCE going to say?

Both presidents will now meet with each other in St. Petersburg. "After this meeting it will be clear at which stage we are now," President Robert Kocharian said.

Clear as mud, Robbie.

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