May 31, 2007

Poisoning, Espionage, DoubleCrossing, Mafia Hits...

You couldn't script a hotter scenario. Throw in some infidelity and you've got a summer blockbuster.

Washington Post: The former KGB agent accused by British prosecutors with poisoning another former agent in London last November held a news conference Thursday to finger MI6, the British foreign intelligence service, as a more likely suspect in the killing.

Lugovoy unleashed a blizzard of Byzantine counter-allegations that described -- in very broad strokes -- a netherworld of espionage, criminality and murder in which he was an innocent abroad. Immediately after the British Crown Prosecution Service this month accused Lugovoy of poisoning Alexander Litvinenko with a radioactive isotope, the spy-turned-businessman promised sensational revelations to buttress his consistent claims of innocence.

And if it wasn't MI6 or Berezovsky, Lugovoy posited, there was a third scenario: The Russian mafia could have orchestrated the killing as revenge, because of information Litvinenko passed to the Spanish police about Russian criminals in that country.

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