May 4, 2007

"Elections in Dagestan," Sort of...

Distracted by the juicy Estonia row, and the apocalyptic "mineshaft gap" with Russia, Eternal Remont failed to note the March Presidential elections in Dagestan. Our mistake. Here's the highlight film:

--Two political opponents from United Russia and the Union of Right Forces drew guns on each other during debates -- the two candidates were cousins.
--There were kiddnappings and murders of political officials.
--The Kremlin opted for a Chicago-style election, ensuring United Russia and Just Russia a win. Jamestown noted, "The elections themselves were totally rigged."
--Opposition seats are now too small to influence any policy.

Managed democracy at its finest. We salute you Dagestan.

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Vika said...

You couldn't pay for this kind of stuff! Awesome!