May 29, 2007

Poles need condoms to enter Belarus

If only I was making this up...

From Gazeta Wyborcza, Poles crossing the Eastern border are being searched by border guards for condoms. A three year old law states that each traveller must carry a first aid kid, whose contents include condoms. As of recent days this rule has started to be enforced regularly. GW's correspondent wonders if it's just border guards who had too much merriment after the holiday in Belarus this past weekend.,53600,4185828.html?skad=rss

Anyone else think that the condom rule should apply in travel in the opposite direction?


Ern said...

I think if you visit anywhere west of Berlin you should be required to bring condoms, and anywhere west of Poland, you should carry condoms and several shots of penicillin. It's just a personal rule, I try to live by.

Pirates&Diplomats said...

Be careful, at least Lukashenko doesn't require all travelers to wear a condom at all times. I wouldn't put it past him.