May 3, 2007

The laziness stereotype makes more sense now...'d be lazy too if you smoked that much weed.

MONTENEGRO SEIZES NEARLY 1,200 KILOS OF DRUGS IN 2006. Montenegrin law enforcement agencies in 2006 seized over a ton of illegal drugs, according to a May 2 report by the Macedonian news agency Makfax. The ministry said it brought drugs-related charges against 439 people in 2006. A breakdown of the drugs seized was not provided. In the latest large seizure to be reported, in early April, Montenegrin police seized 142 kilograms of marijuana on the shores of Lake Shkoder, which lies on Montenegro's border with Albania. Montenegro is seen as a transit country for opium from Afghanistan and, increasingly, as a route for Latin American cocaine intended for Western Europe.

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Vika said...

Coke, ganja and heroine. Wow-those guys must have wicked mood swings and serious munchies.