May 15, 2007

British Bachelor Parties Move to Eastern Europe

From NY Times: PRAGUE — By midnight, wearing nothing but his socks, Paul Roe had crawled the length of a strip club catwalk here, led on a leash by one barechested blonde woman while another whipped him with a belt. As one might imagine, Mr. Roe, 27, was inebriated, celebrating his final days of bachelordom in that timeworn rite of passage known as the stag party.

Since then the proliferation of budget airlines serving Eastern Europe has helped take the pressure off British cities and opened up an inexpensive alternative to Amsterdam or Barcelona. About 30 established companies now operate stag party tours to Eastern Europe. Dozens of smaller operations also vie for a slice of the pie. The stag party tours have buoyed some local businesses but have also helped sustain seedier ones. The manager of one strip club, who gave his name as Mr. Cash, said the stag parties provided about half of his business.

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Jennifer said...

Where do you think these guys - get their advertising income from anyway? (Hint: it’s not potato farmers.)