May 15, 2007

There's a place for gay activity in Russia...

...and apparently, from the looks of previous items and this one, that place is only in the armed services, not ever in a harmless parade. And how many times are they going to use the "it violates the rights and liberties of other citizens" excuse? Come on, Russia, get creative!

From RFE/RL: The Moscow city government has banned a proposed gay-pride parade that gay rights activists hoped to hold on May 27. Nikolai Kulikov, who is in charge of security issues for the Moscow city government, explained the ban by saying that the proposed parade violates the "rights and liberties" of non-gay citizens. Moscow authorities also banned the parade last year, and police broke it up when activists tried to hold a parade in spite of the ban.


Jennifer said...

Meanwhile…new research shows gay activity is the leading cause of traffic accidents in Vilnius (and I thought it was narrow streets + mobile phones)

Lithuanian bus drivers protest gay ads

May 14, 2007
From wire reports

Concerns about gay rights in the Baltics flared again when Lithuanian trolleybus drivers refused to drive vehicles carrying advertisements encouraging sexual tolerance.
The Leituyos Rytas daily newspaper on May 12 reported that the advertisements, placed by the Lithuanian Gay League, were removed from the sides of trolleybuses.
Drivers were offended by the advertisements, which carried slogans such as “A gay (person) can serve in the police,” “A lesbian can work at school,” and “Homosexual employees can be frank.”
Similar advertisements are due to be placed on buses in Vilnius next week.
The president of the LGL, Vladimir Simonko, said the group paid 17,000 litas (5,000 euro) for the ads to improve social cohesion.
The money was granted by the European Union and the Lithuanian government.

Aivar said...

hahahaa:) i think the next country is banning gay people holding hands for some even more ludcricous excuse - causing bad weather perhaps.