May 21, 2007

Breaking News: Russia is a mean 14 year old girl

Seriously, who else uses the Internet to harass or pick on someone? Next thing you know Russia is going to put shaving cream in Estonia's hand while she sleeps.

RFE/RL: ESTONIA REPORTEDLY TARGET OF 'MASSIVE CYBER-ATTACKS.' Estonia has been hit by a "three-week wave of massive cyber-attacks" that began on April 27. One of the masterminds of the cyber-campaign, identified from his online name, is connected to the Russian security service. A 19-yr-old has been arrested in Tallinn for his alleged involvement. About a million computers around the world were used over more than two weeks to attack government and corporate websites in Estonia. On May 1, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet alleged that several cyber-attacks "against the Internet pages of Estonian government agencies and the office of the president...originated from specific computers and persons in Russian govt agencies, including the administration of the president of the Russian Federation." Russian deputy presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov as categorically denies any Russian involvement in the cyber-attacks. He said the Russian president's official website is the target of hundreds of attacks every day and IP addresses of the computers from which they come implicate many countries in all parts of the world. "This is an operational security issue, something we're taking very seriously," an official at NATO headquarters in Brussels told the newspaper. "It goes to the heart of the alliance's modus operandi." As for who carried out the attacks, the NATO official said: "I won't point fingers. But these were not things done by a few individuals."

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Jennifer said...

Rumor is her bra is in the freezer as we speak...