May 8, 2007

Those Aren't Our AK-47s

Sometimes it's hard to lie with a straight face. But you have to try...

Amnesty just released a report on the use of Russian and Chinese weapons in Darfur. It is a rather straightforward report, given that Russia and China are the world's largest producers of the universal AK-47. But instead of saying, "Yeah, that happens when you sell as many guns as we do, what about it?" the Foreign Ministry opted for a different set of talking points, "None of our arms are being supplied to Darfur."

Oh, and Jiang Yu at the Chinese Foreign Ministry quickly joined the Russians, claiming the Amnesty report was "a groundless accusation."

Since neither side would lie about something like this, and since both Russia and China are members of the Security Council, they would never violate a UN resolution banning deliveries of arms to Darfur. Therefore, Eternal Remont is forced to accept that all of those weapons and aircraft were manufactured in Liechtenstein -- a known force of destabilization and a rank enemy of mutual-security. Yup, that's probably what happened. Damn you Liechtenstein!


Vika said...

Can you almost see them whistling in the dark with their fingers crossed behind their backs?

Peter said...

Exactly. Its rather funny when you see someone forced to lie so shamelessly.