May 22, 2007

And keeping with the poisoning theme...

From RFE/RL: Kyrgyz PM Almazbek Atambaev says he's the victim of a poisoning attempt. Atambaev said he was unconscious for 2 days after being given a glass of water. He has not said who he believes tried to poison him or why. "They tried to poison me on May 11th," he said. "They gave me water, and I drank the water in my office. I was unconscious for 2 days. I know that it was a case of poisoning. For 2 weeks, they have been cleaning my blood, and now, as you can see, I can walk and talk." Atambaev said he had recently received death threats after a government decision to nationalize a semiconductor plant in southern Jalal-Abad Province. Parliament speaker Marat Sultanov said an investigation would be conducted if tests confirmed Atambaev's claim.

1. Poisoning is so Orange Revolution. What are post Tulip Revolution types doing poisoning leaders?

2. Given the environmental disaster that is Central Asia, could it be he just got a bad glass of water?

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