May 5, 2007

Polish Parliamentarian Catfight over Topless Sunbathing

(Since Ern is out on business, someone needs to keep the absurdity report going)

Two female parliamentarians are having a VH1 celebrity-showdown-style row about the propriety of topless tanning. Tabloids got some juicy shots of Samoobrona parliamentarian Sandra Lewandowska topless alongside fellow (male) politician Janusz Maksymiuk on a beach in Egypt. The pale-faced Danuta Hojarska decided to tell her co-parliamentarian to be more discreet. Translation from exchange on

Hojarska: If Lewandowska wants to tan naked, then she should find herself an abandoned island, not someplace where everyone can see and photograph. I told everyone at the parliamentary club of Samoobrona in the presence of all of our parliamentarians. She is a representative and at least for that reason she should respect herself.

Next, Hojarska claims that Lewandowska responded: If you don’t support tanning in the nude, you shouldn’t be in Samoobrona.

Lewandowska disputes this last exchange, claims that Hojarska just didn’t like her pictures. She says that she’s had many anonymous supporters telling her that she should continue her topless sunbathing and not worry her pretty head.

I'm putting my money on Lewandowska in this round. She is, after all from the ever-tan political party of Andrzej Lepper:


Vika said...

Holy Mackerel-that actually tops (pardon the pun) the Dagestan election story!

Bwah hhahhaaaaaa!

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Darren Stone said...

Holy Mackerel-that actually tops (pardon the pun) the Dagestan election story! Bwah hhahhaaaaaa!

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