May 26, 2007

Ukraine Asks, "Who's In Charge?"

The BBC has posted a nifty little synopsis on the Ukraine, um, crisis.

"President Yushchenko decided to dismiss the prosecutor general, Svyatoslav Piskun, an ally of the prime minister. That led to a dramatic storming of the prosecutor general's office on 24 May by riot police and Interior Minister Vasyl Tsushko, who claimed the president was usurping power.

"President Yushchenko hit back by placing the 40,000 interior ministry troops under his direct command. Prime Minister Yanukovych then condemned his action, saying it violated the constitution. The interior ministry said it would defy the president's order."

This was the best part:

"The constitution lists three situations in which the president has the right to dissolve parliament, and the poaching of deputies is not among them."

Damn poachers.

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