Feb 5, 2007

Kyrgyzstan Wants More Money, Again

It was bound to happen. Kyrgyzstan's Parliament Speaker Marat Sultanov announced, once again, that the government wants to renegotiate the Manas air base. "The situation is different now,” he said.

How on earth is it different than four months ago?

Well, there was that incident when a Kyrgyz passenger jet hit a US tanker on takeoff. And then an American soldier did shoot a World Champion Kyrgyz knife thrower after he was, well, threatening people with a knife. This, it seems, is enough to warrent yet another increase in fees.

Truth is, things haven't changed so much since Septemeber 2006, as they have since September 2001.

The Kyrgyz government would rather be rid of the Americans. This bussiness of renegotiation will continue until they leave.


Anonymous said...

Here's my view of situation...
Just a Citizen of Kygryzstan

First -
Us govt pays 2 million dollars to Kyrgyz govt, for "rent" of the land for airbase.

2 million - is a price of fucking flat!

Second - more than 20 - 30 kyrgyz killed by us soliders... wtf!? Not terrorists, - just guys, girls,

Third - Kyrgyz govt cant do a shit about us sold breaching the law, - us soldiers has diplomatic untouchability or something like that.

Fourth - our MVD (kinda former KGB) found warehouse of us guns, grenades, stingers, m16, colts' etc, in house of us base guy... IN A sleeping neighborhood!!! Like 50 kilometers from airbase... WHAT THE FUCK FOR !?

Fifth - Us planes - drop fuel on land... many tons on kerosine on land. destroys everything on field
Sounds as nothing.. but harm to ecology is seriosly high.

Sixth - Us truck driver that hit the taking off plane - It was a real WONDER that hundred passengers survived. How the FUCK the driver of truck could not notice the PLANE on... ON THE FLIGH RUNWAY...
probably on fucking on drugs..

Seventh - man with knive scandal.

The guy that was killed - was about 40, russian man, citizen of Kyrgyzstan, that was working more than two or three years on petrol tanker truck for us airbase. Every two/three days coming to base, going through security check every time....

And then... Zachari Smith just shoot the guy with the berreta to the back of that unlucky man... !!!
During investigation he said (zachari) that truck driver had a screwdriver with him, (many drivers has working instruments with them, pockets, on belts etc.)
Then a fact cames out... Zacharis Smith - had problems with hard drugs back in us... Probably did'nt quit... IS THIS A FUCKING MILITARY AIR BASE, OR FUCKING DRUNK FUCK DRUG GAME!??

And again, kyrgyz government, kyrgyz people, relatives of Valera (his name) COULD NOT DO A N Y T H I N G. AT ALL. "diplomatic status" that every soldier has..

But we wount remove us airbase from our country... Because if we will, us govt will say "Oh, we found osama bin laden" and then drop bombs on schools, cities, kids..

EXACTLY as in pakistan...

If you have some comments, will reply

p.s. I guess now i'll never get visa to us for this text... but i dont give a fuck actually

bathmate said...

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