Feb 27, 2007

Forget a Return to the Cold War

We're going back to 1917 and even 1905, according to Solzhenitsyn. From RFE/RL:

WRITER WARNS THAT SOCIAL PICTURE RESEMBLES 1917. Nobel Prize laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn believes that Russia is rightly reasserting its legitimate role in international relations, but that growing social inequalities at home are a cause for alarm, his wife Natalya told a Moscow press conference on February 26, Russian and international media reported. She spoke on behalf of her husband, who is 88, to announce that he will express his views in a new introduction to his previously published essay on the February 1917 revolution, which will appear in full in the state-run daily newspaper "Rossiiskaya gazeta" on February 28. She stressed that her husband is "basically provincial and really feels the misery of those living outside the capital. The authorities do not see it, or choos enot to." She said he believes that the wide social disparities that obtained in 1905 are still present today and "is deeply worried by this gap. It's necessary to pay attention to that. If the government fails to do so, consequences would be grave." PM


Pirates&Diplomats said...

Solzhenitsyn is like a doctor who can diagnose anything, but then proscribes leaches.

By the way, how the hell did Solzhenitsyn get to live to see 88?!?!

Combat decorations: 2
Years in the GULAG: 8
Years of exile: 6
Stomach Cancer: Cured


Ern said...

HAHAHAHA! All good comments. My guess is Solzhenitzyn's longevity can be attributed to drinking good vodka and not diluted bactine like his comrades.