Feb 12, 2007

Bulgarian Crazieness Part 2 (Ern)

Bulgaria's Ski Resort Suspects Rivals behind Bomb Scare

Businessmen and officials from the top resort of Bansko suspect rivals on the tourism market to have hatched the bomb threat plot, which incurred them huge losses over the weekend.

"The bomb threat has nothing to do with the protests at Natura 2000 network. I am more willing to suspect investors' interests to be behind it. I have my suspicions, but have no evidence to pad them out," Bansko mayor Alexander Kravarov told Darik News.

The ski runs in Bansko were closed on Friday after an environmental organization claimed to have planted a bomb there. The explosive device aimed to set off an avalanche, the bomb scarers said in a letter to the media and the environment ministry. The claimed to have set the bomb in a protest at the unbridled and illegal construction works in the mountain resort.

No explosive device was found on Sunday and life in Bansko returned to its normal pace with the re-opening of the ski runs.

Local businesses and the ski runs' concessionaire, Yulen, are still estimating the amount of the losses.

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